The Music – A Unique Sound

Close up on Retro - Old Music NotesI aspire to create music that tells a story, with captivating melody lines and gripping harmony progressions.

With a fusion of cinematic, neoclassical, world, and New Age influences, the instrumental arrangements are rich and evolving.

You may find yourself on an soulful journey through time, across cultures, secret gardens, beautiful vistas, and mystical landscapes.

High Quality Custom Music

If you’re interested in engaging me for a music project, contact me here.  Examples of what I will write music for include:

  • Personal Development  Audio and Video Programs (background, transitions, meditations, etc.)
  • Orchestrations for song writers and music artists (concerts, shows, CD productions, etc)
  • Yoga studios, spas, massage therapists,  & dance teachers
  • Brain entrainment programs
  • Any project that aims to inspire and uplift humanity